The Swedish Chess Computer Association – in Swedish Svenska schackdatorföreningen (SSDF) – is an independent organisation for people interested in chess computers and computer software related to chess.

SSDF is totally free from commercial connections or interests.

Database of games

Tony Hedlund administrated a database of test games; it has now been moved to this site. Games can be downloaded in ChessBase and PGN format.

How do I become a member of SSDF?

In Sweden: The annual fee is currently SEK 100. However, the giro account has been terminated due to increased annual fee; we are currently investigating other possibilities. Please note that SSDF does not publish Ply anymore!

Rest of the world: Contact Lars Sandin

Contacting us

NameEmail addressFunction in SSDF
Lars Sandin Chairman;
responsible for the rating list
Bo Sjögren Webmaster