• Discarded the MP-designation from the names. This is because all programs tested on the Q6600 and 1800X level has been Multi Processor capable. We used to have it where the designation Deep (i.e. Deep Fritz) was missing from the name to indicate that we used all cores.
  • Discarded RAM-size from the names. We have used the same RAM-size on all test computers since the Pentium 200 MHz MMX hardware, so it was redundant information for later hardware. We have kept the RAM-size information for the Pentium 200 MHz MMX and there it still indicates an average amount of RAM used on the machines that was used for testing of this specific program.
  • Changed every comma-sign to a dot. For instance 2,4 GHz is now named 2.4 GHz.
  • Changed Athlon 1200 MHz to Athlon 1.2 GHz.
  • Every program which previously was called something with .0 (for instance 14.0) is now shortened, as the dot and zero-sign was unnecessary.
  • Every computer/program name should now fit inside the 39 character-limitation without truncation.
  • The handhelds (PDA's and mobile phones) and their hardware should now be more uniformly named.
  • Missing hardware-information and/or name on some of the programs has now been included.
  • The name Pocket Fritz is in some cases also named P.Fritz to be able to fit the 39 ch limit.
  • The Mephisto Atlanta and the Fidelity Mega IV, with the setting 'Brute Force', has been named Brute F. in both cases.
  • The Chessplayer 2150 and Chess Champion 2175, which was tested on both Atari and Amiga with an Motorola 68000 processor ranged between 7.1-8 MHz. Here the 68000 designation and .1 was skipped due to the 39 ch limit.