to the Swedish Rating List 2/2020, December 31

This is the last list of the pandemic year 2020 and features some new and interesting entrants.

First out is team Stockfish with their latest edition of the Stockfish engine, namely Stockfish 12. This version uses a neural network architecture (NNUE), which now can be run on ordinary processors instead of Graphic cards. It has been tested with the latest free opening-book of Fauzi Akram Dabat, named: "Aggressive 4.7 by fauzi.abk". After the first 257 games, this strong combo, has achieved an impressive rating of 3573, an improvement of 26 points over the previous version, and it keeps the leader spot in our list!

Next one out is the Komodo version from Mark Lefler and Larry Kaufman, named Komodo 14. This version was tested with the opening book of Erdogan Günes: "out5-35.bin", a book which we also have used previously when testing earlier Komodo-versions. Komodo 14 has achieved a rating of 3466 after 320 games. It doesn't show a clear improvement over the earlier 13-versions we have tested and positions itself between the 13.1 and 13.02 versions at the moment. More testing will be needed to see if this will hold, or if it will gain some rating when more games are played.

We can also present another version of Komodo in this rating list, namely the latest Komodo-version, called: Dragon by Komodo. This is the first Komodo version which uses the NNUE-technique, and the gain in strength from the previous version is huge. After the first 250 games, its rating is 3564! This is 95 points over the 13.1 version and it now trails Stockfish with a margin of only 9 points. Dragon by Komodo has been tested with Erdogan Günes opening book: "out10-35.bin".

For this rating list we can also present the latest release of the Booot engine by Alex Morozov, named Booot 6.4. We have been testing this engine with Sedat Canbaz opening book: "perfect2019.abk". After the first 280 games, the increase over the 6.3.1 version is 13 points, and the rating is now 3370.

We have also tested the engine: Wasp 4 by John Stanback for this rating list. We have tested it on both our hardware levels. We have used its own opening book for the testing. On our 1800X-platform it has achieved a rating of 3257 after the first 240 games. This is an improvement of 37 points from the earlier 3.5-version. On our Q6600-platform it has gained a rating of 3209, and this is 40 points stronger than the Wasp 3.5-version which we tested on the same Q6600-hardware.

Since last time, Revelation Deep Sjeng 3.0 gained 7 points. Notable losses was Millennium The King, which lost 16 points and Stockfish 11 which lost 11 points.

We are at the moment testing the MCTS-version of Komodo, Fabio Gobbato's engine: Pedone, and we will hopefully also be able to present a rating of the old dedicated chess computer London 68020 on our next rating list.

Lars Sandin