to the Swedish Rating List 1/2019, Feruary 28

On our latest February rating list we can present six new Chess Computer programs. First out is the winner of all three classes at the ICGA World Championship that was played in Stockholm/Sweden last summer - namely Komodo. Komodo is written by Mark Lefler, Larry Kaufman and the late Don Dailey. The version we have tested is named Komodo 12.3 and it has achieved a very strong rating of 3456 after 640 games played on our 1800X hardware level. This is 59 points stronger than the 11.01 version we tested last time. We have used Komodo's opening book by Erdogan Guenes for the testing.

The next new version we have on this list is Stockfish 9, which now have sufficient amount of games on our Q6600-hardware level. After the first 200 games it has reached the rating of 3446. This is 28 points stronger than Stockfish 8 on the same platform, and is 48 points lower than the same version on our 1800X hardware. We have of course used the same opening book as we previously used on our 1800X hardware, when we tested Stockfish 9; that is the free "Aggressive 3.5 by Fauzi.abk" opening book by Fauzi Dabat.

We have also got enough games with Booot 6.3.1 on our Q6600 hardware to be able to introduce it on the list. The rating is 3280 after the first 320 games. This is 72 points lower than the 1800X version which we introduced on the last rating list.

Just in time for this rating list, we could also present an early rating of the latest Arasan program by Jon Dart. We have tested it on our 1800X hardware, with it's own included opening book and it has reached a rating of 3269 after the first 127 games. More games will be needed to get a more reliable rating, but the rating of 3269 is still 269 points stronger than the last Arasan version we have tested! Even though some of the difference are due to the fact that we tested the 17.2 version on our Q6600-hardware, the performance gain from improvements made in the software is impressive.

Next out is the Wasp 3.0 program by John Stanback. We have played 642 games with Wasp 3.0 on our 1800X hardware, and it has reached the rating of 3218. This is 59 points stronger than the 2.01 version which we introduced in our rating list in January 2018. We have used the free opening book by Sedat Canbaz, called "Perfect2017.abk" for the testing of Wasp 3.0.

Last out in this rating list is the manually tested "oldie" - the dedicated Mephisto London 68000 chess computer. This is a computer which we never got to test back in the days, but now are able to finally introduce in the rating list, 23 years after it was introduced back in 1996! The Mephisto London is the program of Richard Lang and uses the module hardware for the old Modular/Exclusive/München boards. It features an Motorola 68000 processor at 12 MHz and uses 512 kB RAM for hash-tables. The rating after the first 100 games is 2035 and this is 18 points stronger than the Berlin 68000, which previously was the strongest Lang program on the 68000 hardware in our rating list.

Compared to the last rating list, Deep Hiarcs 14 1800X gained 8 points and Novag Star Sapphire gained 6 points. Meanwhile The Baron 3.43 1800X lost 20 points, Millenium ChessGenius lost 9 points and Stockfish 9 1800X lost 8 points.

For our next list we will focus on getting more games with Komodo 12.3 on our Q6600 hardware and also Arasan 21.2 on both the 1800X and Q6600 level. We will also begin testing of Stockfish 10, Wasp 3.5 and hopefully also the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) version of Komodo. We are also manually testing both the Millenium ChessGenius Exclusive and the latest Millenium The King Exclusive now.

Our next rating list will probably be out before summer.

Lars Sandin