to the Swedish Rating List 3/2018, October 16

For this October Rating list we can present five new Chess Computer programs. First out is Stockfish 9 by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba and Joona Kiiski. For the testing of this program, we have used the updated free opening book from Fauzi Dabat, called "Aggressive 3.5 by Fauzi.abk". As you can see from the Rating list, this very strong combo has managed to break the 3500-barrier for the first time in our Rating list! The rating of 3502 after 482 played games is a whopping 72 point stronger than it's former version which we introduced in the list back in January this year.

The next new version we have in this list, is the Stockfish 8, which we now have enough games with on our older Q6600-platform. After 280 played games it has reached a very strong rating of 3416, trailing it's 8-sibling on our fastest 1800X-hardware by only 14 points! More games will be needed to see if this difference will hold steady. We have of course used the same opening book for the testing of Stockfish 8 Q6600, as we have used when we tested Stockfish 8 on the 1800X, that is the "Aggressive 3.2 by Fauzi.abk".

The next new entrant was one of the contenders in the ICGA World Chess Championship, which was held here in Sweden/Stockholm in July this year. This program is called Booot 6.3.1, is made by Alex Morozov and became runner-up behind Komodo in the Unified Hardware category of the Championship! Its rating of 3347 after 320 games are indeed very strong and especially considering it hasn't support for Endgame Tablebases like the other programs which we have tested on our Ryzen 1800X-hardware. Alex wanted us to use the same book in our testing, as he used in the championship, that is the free "perfect2017.abk" opening book by Sedat Canbaz.

The last entrant on our ratinglist was also a contender in the ICGA Championship, and it is Richard Pijl's - The Baron. On our fastest hardware - the 1800X, The Baron 3.43 has reached a rating of 3115 after 320 games. We have also tested it on our Q6600-hardware and there it has reached a rating of 3026 after 400 played games.

It uses its own opening book and tablebases on our Q6600 and 1800X machines, but has had some tablebase issues with 5 piece Endgame Tablebases like the standard we have on our Q6600 machines. This has affected its performance somewhat. According to Richard, this issue is corrected for future releases of The Baron, so we hope to be able to test an updated version in an upcoming Rating list. This issue hasn't affected the testing on the 1800X-machines, as it hasn't any issues with the 6 piece Endgame Tablebases we have as standard on this hardware.

Compared to our former Rating list, Komodo 11.01 Q6600 gained 7 points, Pro Deo 2.1 YAT A1200 gained 6, while Spike 1.4 Q6600 and the Android version of Chess Genius 3 gained 4 points. Komodo 9.1 Q6600 lost 10 points, Wasp 2.01 on the A1200 lost 8, Revelation Ruffian lost 6 and Hiarcs 14 A1200 lost 5 points.

We have begun testing of John Stanback's latest Wasp version for our next Rating list, and we hope to also begin testing of a more recent version of both the ordinary Komodo and its Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) version. We will also hopefully be able to add both Stockfish 9 and Booot to our testing on the Q6600 hardware level.

The next list will be out approximately in December/January depending on how many new games we will have until then.

Lars Sandin